Popularization of Evolution

“Homer Evolution” – The Simpsons

  • homer evolves from a single celled organism into a modern human in about a minute
  • traces a linear path of through the Linnaean tree of organisms
  • a great, highly amusing, video, but it reinforces certain misconceptions about evolution (i.e. humans did not descend from dinosaurs)

“Evolution of Life” – Guiness Beer

  • traces a backwards path through the history of human evolution to help sell beer!
  • large amount of time spent on human evolution, relatively little time spent on the rest of the process
  • both this and the Simpsons example infer continuity of consciousness through evolutionary steps


  • attempt at disproving the theory of evolution from a Christian perspective
  • concepts raised are questionable at best (i.e. little scientific evidence exists to discredit carbon dating techniques)
  • evolution evokes passionate responses from both sides of the debate


  • Visualizing Evolution – great blog that documents evolution related visualizations and news
  • Evolution Simulations – java based simulations that can be used to illustrate evolutionary concepts
  • Evolving Images – really fun site that uses evolving “triangles” to approximate an image
  • Spore – the addicting evolution themed game from Electronic Arts

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