“scientific” data sources

  1. REN21: Renewable Energy Policy Network: REN21 is a global organization dedicated to providing current data on the use of renewable energy sources. This link points directly to their “Global Status Report” documents which provide statistics on various methods of renewable energy production, data on the use of these technologies by country as well as information on environmental impact.
  2. Census Bureau Homepage: Demographic data gathered during the 2000 US census. Provides downloadable data sheets and a searchable web interface.
  3. Google Trends:  Discover the popularity of any Google search term using this web-based tool. Also allows you to compare multiple search terms as well as research the number of mentions that term received in the media on any given day.
  4. Wordmapper:  A collection of visualizations of the world based upon specific attributes. For example, the immigration map renders counters that have a higher rate of incoming immigration as though they are “ballooning” out, whereas countries that are losing population due to outbound immigration appear as though they are shrinking. Each map contains detailed information as to how it was constructed, including a link to an Excel version of the dataset used to render the visualization.
    Net Immigration (souce: Worldmapper)

    Net Immigration (souce: Worldmapper)

  5. Fundrace Project:  A searchable Google Maps interface that aggregates campaign contributions based on location. Contribution data set is provided by the FEC (http://www.fec.gov/disclosure.shtml)
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